Metal Artwork Portfolio

These are some of the artwork pieces I've done.  If you find something you like, you can email me and maybe I'll make something for you!  

I used to have a retail website for my artwork, but I travel so much for Engineering work now I can't really count on being home enough to keep the business going at the same pace it was before.  I just do custom pieces now days.


Morgan Horse (Hammered steel & copper)

46 in. World Map

Angeline's Portrait  (Copper plated steel)

Ferrari Clock

Little Robots

Irish Wedding Cross

Teton Mountains  (Copper & brass)

Italian Medieval Gauntlets

Don Quixote by Picasso

Ferrari 500 Mondial Racer (Steel over print)

Matterhorn (6 ft Tall, Stainless, brass & copper))

Ferrari P3 Abstract (Steel over canvas)

Mom's House

Ivy Vines  (Copper leaves)

F-312P Racecar  (Steel over print)

Lots of Exotic Car Logos  (Plasma cut steel)