The Enigmatic Oberheim MATRIX 12 - Patch Demos

By Thor Zollinger, writer/musician/engineer at large.  2022

I didn't expect a lot out of Analog Synth patches, but Wow was I surprised!  The breadth of sounds is really quite amazing!  I'm going to refine a few patches on the Matrix 12 and demo them here so you can hear what I mean.  I think you'll be surprised, an Analog synth doesn't have to sound hummy, buzzy, or like classic 60's and 70's synths sound at all.  

The Piano patch is not 100% dry, I've used just a little Reverb from an external Effects module.  The Matrix 12 doesn't have any Effects of it's own since it was built back in 1985.

I'll add more patches to this page as I get them done.  


ZPiano             M12 Piano - Nutcracker Dance, Holiday 

ZPiano             M12 Piano - Dolphin Dance, Jazz 

ZPiano             M12 Piano - Gramps Piano Stomp, Ragtime 

ZClarinet         M12 Clarinet - Billie's Bounce 

ZClarinet         M12 Clarinet - Memphis Trio